About Kirsten

I didn’t even used to like tea until I came to England and now I drink tea as part of my job!
There are hidden benefits in a good cup of tea and it is these benefits which underpin the health and wellbeing philosophy I advocate at the Retreat: you need to be well in order to parent well.

Taking the time for a simple cup of tea is often just enough to ‘fill you up’ and turn you from being shouty and grouchy with your children to calm and loving, even when confronted with the most challenging behaviour or parenting situation. I see this as a highly under-utilised parenting tool and just one of many self-care activities shared and encouraged at the Retreat.

I created the Retreat for Mothers because sometimes a cup of tea just isn’t enough and you need more help, more support, more care. I am a mother, I get that. My parenting challenges are the same as yours. I am in no way perfect, getting it right all the time. I am tired. I make mistakes. I have bad days. I shout. I do not have all the answers but I do know when I am empty of energy and love, I am not the mother I want to be. I am not the ‘best version’ of me.

I love sharing the ‘Fill Your Cup’ concept with tired, frustrated or overwhelmed mamas because I am one of them too! It can be hard parenting, doing ‘life’, to find even a second for yourself and enjoying a hot cup of tea is a fantasy! My tea-drinking habit? I’m merely refining my #fillyourcup skills, practicing purely for your benefit.

At the Retreat, I share all my carefully researched knowledge and experience of creating self-care practices in a busy parenting life and give you first-hand experience of how you can nurture and nourish yourself, alongside caring and giving to your children.

It can be done.

My aim is for you to always leave the Retreat “full” and in a better position to manage your challenges and to feel more able to be the mother, the person, you want to be. Oh, and there’s always cake. A cup of tea is best enjoyed with cake.