Retreat for the Soul

How often have you come away from a day spa feeling as though not only your muscles have been teased out, eased and soothed, but your thoughts as well? 

A retreat needs to rest your mind as well as your body. It can also, if a great retreat, soothe your soul as well.

A spa day may be a gift or an emergency repair for an overwhelmed and exhausted body, mind and soul… and you may come away feeling a little rested and pampered, which is great. Until you get home and all that is overwhelming and stressful greets you at the door. How long does that pampered feeling last? And how deep has that rest reached to carry you through the every day busy that brought you to the spa in first place?

Motherhood often creates challenges that are draining on your energy and on your ability to connect with you. The actual person you are afer all the cleaning, wiping, negotiating, organising, driving, comforting, planning, sorting, finding, chasing, cajoling, washing, cooking, hugging, laughing, sobbing iss done. Who is this person? Other than tired and overwhelmed? Other than mama?

What would you say to the question: who are you?

When you are given space and support, you can reconnect back to you. Back to the person who had hobbies and interests; the person who had goals and aspirations. Remember her?

Being true to you is vital for life, and for positive parenting. To be able to be a person outside of your children is positive modeling of self-esteem and confidence. But it is more than that.

How amazing for your children to know about you, to emulate your confidence, your passion, your skill.  Do not get lost in motherhood. Learn how it can run alongside the rest of you, alongside the best of you.