The #fillyourcup day retreat

Contents of the day:

By yourself

Mothers who regularly take time for themselves outside of the family unit are more likely to be relaxed, calm and more positively involved with their children. Doing this is not indulgent or selfish. It is important for a loving and giving mother to regain lost energy reserves.


Feel nourished with wholefood homecooked lunch and refreshments. The food at the Retreat is healthy ‘soul food’: mostly vegetarian or paleo, organic where possible, and always delicious.


More than just your average day spa, you come away not only relaxed and calm but with real-life, proven strategies to help you with the daily challenges that have been draining your energy and may have been causing you anxiety, stress or overwhelm.


The icing on the cake to have you feeling relaxed and looked after. Choose from a facial, manicure or pedicure and leave the Retreat looking and feeling great.