Retreat for the Mind

Going on a retreat can be beneficial, not only for the body and soul but for the mind as well. Many retreats are specifically tailored to body benefits such as boot camps, detox or Pilates. But while you are doing your burpees or fasting on a diet of lemon water, how well are you looking after your mental health?

You may come away from your week retreat with a flat stomach and a cleansed colon but without addressing your mental health, how much does that really matter? In all likelihood, you’ll be 10 minutes home and hearing the negative talk in your head about how you can’t keep up the diet or you’ll be making excuses as to why you can’t go to the gym today.

The change is fleeting.

That feel-good feeling slips away eventually.


At Retreat for Mothers, we understand all the mental chatter that can occupy a large portion of your thinking energy. And what about the mental load? We know, dear mama, that you’re pretty good at making that your own, often to your own mental ill-health.

A Retreat for Mothers retreat is different in that we work on your mental load, as well as all the rest. Our aim is that whatever good feeling you come away with from the retreat, stays. We want to make sure that any change is long-lasting.

We want you to be well and stay well.

We nourish, nurture and encourage you.

You are then able to:

Rest your weary body and mind;

Recover from the drain of being a loving and giving mama

Reflect on what has brought you to this point;

Re-evaluate those things that are most important and require the most energy, then you can,

Reset your energy and goals so you have clarity and renewed focus.


A Retreat for Mothers retreat is more than a spa day.

It is a day that could change your life for the better, forever.