Retreat for the Body

A truely valuable retreat experience needn’t feel like you’re anonymous, just a number on a conveyor-belt of plink, plink music and white towelling robes, buying products you can’t afford and don’t need.

Nor need it be full of dietary restrictions, impossible yoga positions and the discovery of your animal spirit guide.

There are alternative retreats and then there are alternatives.

It may seem a natural reason to retreat- because you are physically tired. You need to rest your body. You need to ease those aches and pains in your shoulders and neck- all symptoms of tension, stress and perhaps, of other issues.

The body is the mouth-piece when the mind is choosing to ignore other things are going on. A lot of physical symptoms such as these below, are the body trying hard to tell you something is up. And not necessarially only waht you see and feel.

  • backache
  • headaches
  • neck and shoulder pain
  • ezcema and other skin symptoms
  • sleeplessness

Experiencing any of those and more, is an indication you need more that just physical rest and a massage to iron out the wrinkles.

These symptoms are warning signs of chronic stress, of long-term ill-health, of continuous lack of care.

You need more than just a day spa. You need a bespoke care package which addresses those immediate aches and pains AND THEN OFFERS SO MUCH MORE.

You need a retreat experience which looks at the underlying causes of those pains; an experience offering:

  • in-depth treatments
  • long-term solutions
  • realistic life-style changes

You are an indiviual, with unique challenges and uniqe circumstances. Everyone has different perspectives and needs. You are not a number on a sheet with a 30 minute slot on a time-sheet.

You deserve more and that is what you need. That is what you get here at the Retreat

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