Retreat for the Mind

Going on a retreat can be beneficial, not only for the body and soul but for the mind as well. Many retreats are specifically tailored to body benefits such as boot camps, detox or Pilates. But while you are doing your burpees or fasting on a diet of lemon water, how well are you looking after your mental health? You may come away from your week retreat with a flat… ...Read More

Retreat for the Body

A truely valuable retreat experience needn't feel like you're anonymous, just a number on a conveyor-belt of plink, plink music and white towelling robes, buying products you can't afford and don't need. Nor need it be full of dietary restrictions, impossible yoga positions and the discovery of your animal spirit guide. Spa GIF from Spa GIFs There are alternative retreats and then there are alternatives. It may seem a natural… ...Read More

Retreat for the Soul

How often have you come away from a day spa feeling as though not only your muscles have been teased out, eased and soothed, but your thoughts as well?  A retreat needs to rest your mind as well as your body. It can also, if a great retreat, soothe your soul as well. A spa day may be a gift or an emergency repair for an overwhelmed and exhausted body,… ...Read More